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We eliminate the hassle of navigating through complicated and ugly interfaces while managing your finances
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Expense tracking

Record business expenses with ease


Easily keep track of all your revenue


Create and share invoices with your clients


Organize your sales and spending in accounts


Keep track of your clients


Setup tax types and easily apply the while invoicing

Financial Reports

Get insights of how your business is performing at any given time

Developer Integration

Feed in data from other applications

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Frequently Asked Questions

Its a piece of software that is accessible over the internet or sometimes referred to as a cloud based software that allows businesses to perform accounting functions like recording sales and expenses using a web browser

Yes and No. For the businesses that signup today, they enjoy all our services for free for the next 1 month.

Yes. the system is made to work well in any device. However we are in the process of creating a mobile / tablet app that allows you to enjoy all the features much easily

No. Its a cloud based software so it requires internet to work. This feature wil be enabled for the mobile app to make it easy to record sales and sync them when you get an internet connection

Absolutely. Simply share the login credentials with whoever you want to give access to. We will be adding support to add users in the near future

Yes it is. All your data is stored and secured on the cloud with automated backups incase of anything.

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